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Propoliz Mixs Lozenge
July 16, 2019

Propoliz Mouth Wash

Propoliz Mouth Wash Natural Mint is a new alternative product from nature containing concentrated propolis extract blended with menthol, eucalyptus and thymol for the cool, comfortable feeling in the mouth Propoliz Mouth Wash is a gentle natural mouthwash without any antibiotic, sugar and saccharin.

Rinse your mouth with 25 ml each time for 30 seconds without mixing any water 2 times a day after brushing your teeth.


Propoliz: A spray for sore throat containing concentrated Propolis extracts from Brazil and many other extracts effective in killing bacteria, virus causing sore throat with relieving inflammation and reducing on-the-spot pain.

“Sore throat? No worries! Use Propoliz Plus for clear voice and feel relieved from sore throat”
available at most pharmacies.


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