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August 1, 2019
Causes of sore throat and methods of treatment
August 1, 2019

Propolis natural extracts for the relieve of sore throat

Propolis, or bee glue, is a natural product from a honeycomb used for medicinal purposes since the ancient Greece and Roman eras. Propolis is known for the relieve of throat irritation.

According to previous research, Propolis contains more than 300 different substances, most of which are flavonoid (Galangin; Caffeic acid phenethyl ester)

(CAPE); Caffeine acid), which has antiseptic effect, reduces inflammation, inhibits cell division

Additionally, there are other essential substances, such as terpenes, phenolic, etc. The substances found are vary according to the bee habitat and the type of vegetation in that region.

Health benefits of Propolis
According to above, Propolis contains several distinct chemical components resulting in a variety of reported Propolis properties
i.e. anti-viral effects, anti-bacteria and anti-fungi, including anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor
Anti-oxidation and slows down cell degeneration, yet cannot be concluded whether it’s due to the kind of mechanism or substance within
Propolis: there is a lot of research on the benefits of Propolis in various areas, especially the relief of respiratory infections and promoting oral health as follows:

Relieve sore throat, relieve respiratory tract infections
Pain or irritation in the throat may be annoying to many people. It also often followed by dry throat, coughing and hoarseness and the inability to talk normally. There are many reasons that cause such symptoms, including virus infection, streptococcus bacteria or other bacteria, fungal infections or sometimes caused by the exposure to chemicals causing irritation. Some research suggests that honey helps to keep the airway and throat moisten.
Therefore, helps to relieve the infection-caused cough in the upper respiratory tract. Propolis may be useful for this, because a few years ago, studies have shown that bee products such as Propolis contains important substances such as galangal and caffeic acid containing antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which may help alleviate inflammation and infections as well.

Following that, another research was conducted to test on children with throat inflammation due to a virus in the upper respiratory tract by using Propolis supplements for 72 hours. It appears that the inflammation of the throat and middle ear caused by the infection subsides, also the risk of bronchitis and sinusitis are reduced.
Which often results from a nose or throat infection as well. In 2010, a study of 250 upper respiratory infections patients at the Central Hospital at Benin University regarding the efficacy of Propolis in reducing the throat infection of patient. Results show that Propolis is effective in killing bacteria commonly found in the upper respiratory tract and is a bacterium that separates the patient’s throat. It also has the ability to inhibit oral fungal infections, which are often opportunistic infections in the mouth and throat.
According to the related study above, Propolis is a natural alternative to safe and effective relief of respiratory infections, and in case of a bacterial infection, it will not cause any drug resistance as antibiotics.

It maintains oral health. A healthy mouth and set of teeth not only helps increasing confidence when smiling or talking, but it can also prevent the occurrence of oral problems when aging. The major cause of the problem is the bacteria appearing in the mouth. If not keeping clean, those bacteria may multiply causing the formation of plaque, bad breath, and possibly lead to gum disease. With the antibacterial properties, Propolis should be an effective alternative to reducing the accumulation of undesired substance caused by bacterial inclusion in the mouth. Several studies have been conducted, which indicates the numerous benefits of Propolis for oral and dental health.
One study shows that gargling a non-alcoholic mouthwash containing 5 percent of the Brazilian Green Propolis for 10 ml. for 1 minute immediately after brushing your teeth in the morning and before bed for 45 or 90 consecutive days may help to control plaque and gum disease by up to 24 percent and 40 percent, respectively, while producing no side effects on the tissues and the oral mucosa of the subject, including the general microbes that are not the cause of gum and teeth disease.

Apart from the mouthwash, Propolis is also used in many other forms, assumed to be beneficial for oral health. One study revealed that toothpaste containing 3 percent of Brazilian Green Propolis helps to reduce plaque buildup and also improving the health of the surrounding gums. Propolis in the form of a solution may help to disinfect the bacteria that accumulate on the toothbrush and also help the oral surgery to recover faster than usual.

Propolis is a bee product that researchers are extremely interested in, because aside from the benefits of oral and throat health, there are several studies of the benefits of this substance. Some research indicates that the antiviral properties of Propolis may be a reliable option for immunotherapy for patients with viral warts. The anti-inflammatory properties may help speed up the healing of wounds, such as diabetic foot, ulcers, sores from genital herpes, etc. and may help reduce the pain from various inflammation that occurs in the body as well. However, current medical evidence cannot confirm the efficacy and safety of Propolis, so further studies is needed. Therefore, if the Propolis is used in products in the hope of their own healing properties, always consult a doctor or pharmacist beforehand in order to apply it properly.

How to use Propolis safely?
In general, the honey we consume is mixed with Propolis and Propolis has a history since ancient times. Therefore, consuming or using products that contain Propolis
in the oral cavity is relatively safe. However, people in the following groups may need to be especially careful with this product and always consult a doctor before use to treat or relieve any illness.


  1. People who are allergic to honey or allergic to bees, because there may be a chance of hypersensitivity to Propolis as well. Allergic reactions may be observed via red rash on the skin.

  2. Asthma patients as it may get worse after applying this substance

  3. Pregnant or breastfeeding women; it is advisable to consult a doctor who provides care before using the product, as the condition of pregnant or lactating women in each person is different.

Choosing a product containing Propolis

Currently, many Propolis-based products are available in pharmacies and general stores, whether as spray for the mouth and throat, oral lozenges, mouthwash, in the form of tablets, capsules, solutions or topical forms such as creams, ointments or lotions.

Therefore, factors and precautions in selecting and applying should be considered as follows:
– Choose certified Propolis products as free of heavy metal additives or additives.
– Read the warning labels and instructions carefully. Always follow the instructions strictly.
– When in doubt about products containing Propolis,
consult a doctor or pharmacist prior to using the product.
– When experiencing an allergic reaction of red rash, body itch, swollen lips, or swollen eyes, visit the doctor immediately.

Propoliz: A spray for sore throat containing concentrated Propolis extracts from Brazil and many other extracts effective in killing bacteria, virus causing sore throat with relieving inflammation and reducing on-the-spot pain.

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