Propoliz Plus Extherb, 15 cc.
July 20, 2019
Toh Saksit
August 1, 2019

Tom Issara

Tom works hard, both as a show host and singer, no matter how often the voice is used, not matter how much #sorethroat #hoarseness #lossofvoice, I am carefree because the natural Propoliz Mouth Spray #Propoliz is the answer for Tom Issara.

“Currently I am working hard as a show host and singer in some events, but no matter how often I use my voice and get #sorethroat #hoarseness #lossofvoice, I am carefree because I have Propoliz Mouth Spray #Propoliz with #honey and #propolisextract as ingredients to help. I spray it every time after work. It tastes good, once you spray it, you’ll have #clearvoicewithoutsore.”

Propoliz: A spray for sore throat containing concentrated Propolis extracts from Brazil and many other extracts effective in killing bacteria, virus causing sore throat with relieving inflammation and reducing on-the-spot pain.

“Sore throat? No worries! Use Propoliz Plus for clear voice and feel relieved from sore throat” available at most pharmacies.


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