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VJ Wimild; A great help whenever I feel sore throat
January 7, 2020
Pumpui (pantipa.a) a young tough lady
January 7, 2020

Secret to the clear voice of “Fang Kemikeze”

The 3 girls of the girl band “Kemikeze”, Fay, Fang and Kaew, are all grown up. And because of the clear sweet voice of Fang from Fay Fang Kaew, we are able to keep seeing her works. So, what is the secret to her crystalclear voice which she always keep with her while working? Let’s find out!

“I use my voice for work every day, but I am still this happy because I use #PropolizPlus throat spray with the sweet honey flavor”

Propoliz Plus: A spray for sore throat containing concentrated Propolis extracts from Brazil and many other extracts effective in killing bacteria, virus causing sore throat with relieving inflammation and reducing on-the-spot pain.

“Sore throat? No worries! Use Propoliz Plus for clear voice and feel relieved from sore throat”
available at most pharmacies.


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