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January 7, 2020
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January 14, 2020

Pumpui (pantipa.a) a young tough lady

A sweet girl with a sexy look like Khun Pumpui Pantipa from IG: pantipa.a has something to share with us: a great help when feeling sored throat is needed when she had to proceed with her busy work. Now what can help her? Let’s find out!

“It is well known, that I am talkative, I talk a lot. Sometimes when I work too hard and my body is weakened, my tonsils get inflamed. I am sure those who have the same condition understand the burning throat well, which is unbearable. After trying this “Propoliz Plus” throat spray with the picture of bees flying around the box, I feel that it is made for me. My throat immediately cleared up with a fresh and sweet taste, just like my look, lol. So, who ever is suffering from sore throat, irritated throat and lose their voice, go to the pharmacy and ask for #propolizPlus. After using it your #clearvoicewithoutsore IG@propolizspray”

Propoliz Plus: A spray for sore throat containing concentrated Propolis extracts from Brazil and many other extracts effective in killing bacteria, virus causing sore throat with relieving inflammation and reducing on-the-spot pain.

“Sore throat? No worries! Use Propoliz Plus for clear voice and feel relieved from sore throat”
available at most pharmacies.


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